Tips To Choose The Right Boxing Glove For You

boxing-glovesBoxing Athletes have a wide selection of boxing glove with various weights and styles available for consideration. Each of these options also falls in different price ranges. Most boxers have their particular method of narrowing down on a particular type of boxing glove. The rdx boxing gloves are the highest rated boxing gloves according to experts at

If you would like to make your own selection from the wide range available, it would be prudent to consider the size, glove-type, brands, material made from and so on. All of these come together to make a boxing glove that will serve its purpose in the boxing ring.

While choosing a new pair of boxing gloves, the athlete should keep in mind that the glove size and glove weight refer to different dimensions of the glove. A particular size need not correspond with a particular weight. Sizes are used to determine which glove weight that a boxer should be training in. If the boxing athlete prefers to hit the heavy bag and mitts, then bigger gloves with more padding would serve the purpose.

Professional boxers tend to train in heavier gloves to give them an advantage of faster hands on fight night. It would be prudent to try on the gloves with hand wraps on before making the payment. If you have chosen the right glove, it will be a snug fit with the fingertips reaching the top of the glove and will not require a lot of force to make a fist.

Boxing gloves are categorized into different categories, and they have been listed below with a brief explanation:

Bag Gloves:
These are used mainly for hitting the heavy bags, double end bags, and other boxing training aids. They protect your knuckles and also get you accustomed for harder impact.

Modern Bag Gloves:
Modern bag gloves have more padding compared to classic bag gloves and also offer more protection. This boxing glove is usually suitable for beginners to the boxing arena.

Sparring Gloves:
These gloves are made with the main purpose of protecting the boxer as well their sparring partner. These are generally used to improve skill and technique during training sessions. Since they have a better cushioning effect along with balanced weight distribution, they offer better protection for the hands of the boxer.

When you are choosing a boxing glove, choose a more flexible glove if you intend to use it only for martial arts. Thick padded gloves are the best option for protecting your hands while hitting the heavy bags and heavier gloves are used if you are training to get into the boxing ring. Since there are many brands in the market offering boxing gloves, it would be prudent to buy high-quality gloves from trusted brands rather than choosing one from toy brands.

If you make a mistake while choosing boxing gloves, the mistake can come back to haunt you for your entire life as injuries to the hand, and wrist during boxing matches are a common occurrence.

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