cooler-for-road-tripsYou cannot plan road trips without coolers. Coolers are the ideal choice for a sport event, picnic, a day at beach or park and any type of family outings. It is even a perfect choice for grocery shopping during the hot summer days. It is available in numerous colors and many innovative designs. You can find the latest coolers details including their features, pros, cons, rating from the official website of Coolers Central which contains the recent coolers information.

Here are the best tips on how to select the ideal cooler for road trips. First time, planning for a camping trip? Get equipped with the right gear, When you are planning a long road trip, it is good to bring one cooler for beverages and another cooler for foods separately. The main reason behind this is you open the beverages coolers frequently and it makes more air to escape out. The coolers with foods retain the food for a long period because you will not open it often. Based on the length of your day out, using a separate cooler filled with additional ice will help you to reload ice in food and beverages coolers.

When packing the foods in the coolers you must follow few tips. You should wash the vegetables, fruits and any other perishable foods before you place it inside the cooler. You need to pack the food items in plastic bags or airtight plastic containers and it helps to avoid cross contamination or mess.

You can purchase ice packs in the right size and style suitable for your cooler. You must remember that for soft sided coolers, you never use loose ice in the coolers with food since the edges of the ice are sharp and it can easily tear the lining. You must also aware that the ice can melt easily and misshapen or makes your cooler heavy. You must handle your cooler safely for long time usage.

You can pre-chill the drinks before storing the beverages in the cooler. This method facilitates in preserving ice since you are using coolers to maintain the beverages cold and not too cool them from the initial stage. The cool air in the coolers travel down, it is good practice to place the drinks first in the cooler and ice last. Another important thing you should remember is it is good to prevent your coolers from direct sun exposure and a warm car. You can choose a shadow location for your cooler in the outside location.

When planning for long weekend trips, using multiple ice packs are the best option for maintaining your food cold. Even you can try ice blocks which can keep the food cold for a longer period than using ice cubes. You must make sure whether the ice blocks or ice packs are kept at the bottom of the cooler. The perishable foods must be placed in the coolers directly from the refrigerator and don’t allow them to warm before storing the cooler. You can the gaps in the ice packs with pre-freeze water bottles. You must clean your cooler with wash soapy water after the road trip.