Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers


Sleeping positions vary from one individual to another, and it is important to find the right kind of mattress for each type. If you have a habit of sleeping in the fetal position or turned towards your side, you must look at features like firmness and support of the mattress. A foam mattress is Best for side sleepers as it keeps the spine aligned. You can visit for some of the trending topics and articles related to sleep.

Before you shop for a mattress, here are few things to keep in mind.

Side sleepers must look at mattresses that are soft to medium as it provides good support and helps relieve strain on your neck and back. Owing to the nature of the sleeping position, side sleepers should look for bedding that contours to the body's curves without losing support. A firm cushion will cause your body to lie in a log-like position, while a soft mattress will let your shoulders and hip to sink inside.

Notice how the shoulders and hip protrude out in all side sleepers. A hard mattress can cause uneasiness and misalign the spine.

Good Support
Never confuse hardness to support as they are both different. It is possible for a soft mattress to provide you with a good deal of support. This means your choice should include foam mattresses that give shape to your body and relaxes the pressure points. Poor posture and daily stresses cause your spine to free itself and relax at night. If you stiffen up and twist your spine, extra pressure is caused, and your body does not feel renewed for the next day.

It should be noted that there are different styles of side sleeping positions. Your legs are fully stretched in a log position while you curl your body like a fetus in the sleeping position by the same name. If you extend one leg and keep the other slightly bent, this sprinter position is again normal.

A supportive mattress is not the same as a hard bedding. A soft cushion should offer you conformity and good grip at the same time.

Rotation Of The Pelvic
Pelvic rotation occurs when the sleeper is in a sprinter position which results in twisting the upper body while the lower part remains on one side. This misalignment can lead to a severe backache and puts a lot of strain on the neck.

You can place a pillow between your legs, so your spine is correctly aligned. Another alternative would be to use a good quality bedding that is soft and provides good grip.

Best Mattresses
A soft to medium foam bedding does an excellent job of aligning your curves and the protruding parts of the body. When you lie down on the mattress, your body should sink inside with ease, or they should limit the pelvic rotation that is caused by improper sleeping position.

Remember that the exact firmness of the bedding should confirm with your body weight and type. You must look for a mattress in the range of 3 to 6 on a 10-point scale, as a higher value indicates extra firmness.

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